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Adventure PhotoSBK01/19/2020

Beautiful hike and very well marked. I broke trail on snowshoes with no problems following the blazes. Beautiful quick hike.

Adventure PhotoCarol.Lilly07/16/2018

Beautiful hike with tons of ripe raspberries!

Adventure PhotoMEiac06/28/2019

Beautiful view of Rumford Center and the Androscoggin R. Trail well marked but moderately overgrown in places. Check for ticks when your done.

Adventure Photoimamainagirl07/25/2019

Beautiful views. Trail needs a little trimming but otherwise a great hike.

Adventure PhotoSkilibrarian05/28/2018

Enjoyed the hike with Mary, Jill, and Betty-Ann. Saw a hawk from the ledges.


Hiked with Mahoosuc Land Trust and Mahoosuc Pathways along with members of the Maine Outdoor Coalition! Beautiful July adventure!

Adventure PhotoBrody102710/08/2017

Hiked with our dog! Love the views from the top!

Adventure PhotoLaura_Ann05/04/2018

I love this trail. I have hiked it many times. It has an amazing few of the river valley going through Rumford Center.

Adventure PhotoMia07/28/2018

I was surprised to find loads of raspberries and blackberries on the lower half of this trail. Definitely wear long pants and a long sleeve shirt to avoid being scratched by these berry bushes.


Nice day with D and L-hot with some bugs but nice views of Andro Valley

Adventure PhotoGagson08/24/2018

Nice view of the Androccoggon River Valley from the ledges.

Adventure PhotoPuzzleMtnHiker07/31/2018

So many raspberries! It took me twice as long to hike up


Stunning views. Great hike. Steep parks and nice switchbacks as well.


The leaves were past prime but still a good day.

Adventure Photomrsbski09/30/2018

The trail is in great condition. The foliage is just starting to turn. Although it is steep, it is short enough; and the views make it worthwhile.

Adventure PhotoRenee06/28/2019

There’s a nice view of Rumford center.

Adventure PhotoMissBarb10/12/2019

This has become my new favorite trail...it is perfect length, incline, views.

Adventure Photo10/11/2017

This was an awesome hike!

Adventure PhotoCharlieBear09/27/2019

This was my third hike.
I am loving hiking these trails.
I love climbing on all the rocks and posing for picture.
I hiked with my hiking people.

Adventure PhotoCarouselShel08/17/2019

Trail could use a little work clearing the over grow on the lower end but everything else was great. Beautiful view at the top and well worth the uphill climb.


Trail in good conditions.


Very nice and quick hike. The trail to the uninitiated may be hard to find because there are no signs at the parking area indicating the trail location and its length.

Adventure PhotoWFKA07/24/2019

We took a group of 45 kids, ages 6-14. It was a bit steep and challenging at points for some of our younger kiddos, but they all made it to the top. Several commented that the view made it all worth it! We will certainly hike this one again!

Adventure PhotoDuguay505/21/2020

We went with our 2 friends, social distancing of course. We like how the trail snaked around, steep and then flat and then steep. The view was great for a short hike.


Wear your long pants. The trail is overgrown with prickles.

 Adventure Photo User Date of Completion Comments