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Western Maine Foothills Kids
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Date of CompletionTrail NotesBadge
2019-07-25This was where I learned to walk on a leash. I followed (hearded) two humans along the trail one way, on the way back I figured it all out and walked along beside my human. I enjoyed a quick play in the river after the walk. This is a great place to walk in town yet it feels like your in the woods.
Date of CompletionCommentsHidden Field
2019-09-27This was my third hike. I am loving hiking these trails. I love climbing on all the rocks and posing for picture. I hiked with my hiking people.
Date of CompletionTrail NotesHidden Field
2019-08-12I loved hiking this mountain. The top it was very windy. I was only 3 months old on this hike. They call me Charlie the hiking Aussie!
Date of CompletionTrail NotesHidden Field
2019-09-27I loved this trail. I hiked it with my people and my buddy Brandy! So many rocks to climb on. Charlie the Hiking Aussie.

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